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How to do mascara a little thick and thick must remember these steps
Source:Shanghai Ayara | Time:2018-07-11

  The mascara is too thick and you can drop a few drops of toner into it.

  Cream-like cosmetics should not be placed in a hot and humid environment, and it is easy to deteriorate and it is easy to become sticky and not good for makeup.

  How to use mascara

  1. Draw eyeliner and eye shadow before brushing mascara.

  2, you can first use the eyelash curler clip 2-3 times. Use the eyelash curler to be light and uniform, or you will have an unnatural vertical angle.

  3, to lightly play the dense powder so that the mascara brushed later is more dense.

  4, when extracting mascara, you must first wipe off the excess cream on the head of the mascara brush.

  5. Brush from the root of the eyelashes to the tip.

  6. Slightly look down, brush the upper part of the eyelashes, and then look up, brushing the inner half of the eyelashes.

  7, the eye, the end of the eye and the lower part of the lower eyelashes can be painted with the front end of the mascara brush.

  8, when brushing the eyelashes, use the other hand to open the eyelids, after 7 to 11 seconds to blink, to prevent contamination.

  9. The mascara stays at the root time, which can be a little longer, and the amount of the opposite end is less, avoiding the increase of the eyelash load.

  10, do not pull the way to take a lot of mascara, which will bring air into the air to make it dry and deteriorate, please change the way to the left and right.

  11. After the first layer of mascara has dried up, the second layer will be applied, otherwise the agglomeration will occur. And can not ignore the clots of the eyelashes, which is unsightly, quickly brushed open.

  12, after brushing the mascara, you can use the eyebrow brush (like a fine tooth comb) to open the eyelashes one by one, with a long visual effect, can also avoid agglomeration.

  Many MMs have reflected that mascara has been bought for a long time, and it may take a few times to find out that it has been killed. Mascara is a must-have item for makeup, but any type of mascara can't be avoided. Xiaobian teaches you 4 tips to save your mascara.

  Tools/raw materials

  Vitamin E, hot water, eye drops and perfume

  Method / step

  Vitamin E method: Vitamin E originally has certain benefits for the growth of eyelashes, and the oil contained therein can dissolve solid mascara. So when the mascara is dry, drop two drops of Vitamin E oil into the mascara and shake it. In addition, olive oil and baby oil can be used instead of vitamin E.

  Hot water method: This method is the easiest method. If you don't have too many items available, you can use warm water to "wake up" mascara. The method is to prepare a pot of hot water and pour it into a large container, then put the closed mascara into it and soak it for about 3 minutes. It can also be soaked for a little longer, which will make the dried mascara softer and more convenient to apply.

  Eye Drops: The method is also very simple. Just drop two drops of eye drops into the mascara and shake it. But remember not to drop too much, because it will cause the original waterproof effect of mascara to disappear, and become a panda eye in minutes.

  Perfume method: Put the perfume into the mascara. Remember that the weight is also two drops. The effect is good, but it depends on the price of the perfume, otherwise thousands of perfumes will not be worth the loss of tens of mascara. In addition, the eye-sensitive MM is not suitable for this method, because the alcohol contained in the perfume May irritate the skin of the eyes. If you don't consider this method, it is also a good idea to change the perfume into toner.



  The normal use period of mascara is 3 or 4 months after opening. If it exceeds this period, even if it can be recovered by the following method, it is best not to continue using it. Because mascara is in contact with the air for a long time, there are many bacteria, and mascara is usually applied to the eyelashes, which is easy to infect the eyes.