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Come, teach you the most beautiful lipstick painting
Source:Shanghai Ayara | Time:2018-07-11

  On the importance of lipstick

  Come here, let us witness the miracle!

  A lipstick is a jump of a woman and a goddess

  Do not believe directly to see the picture first

  After the comparison, you know that the lipstick is amazing~

  After applying lipstick, the lips are much more beautiful~

  Sexy and glamorous, not only the value of the face, but also the temperament!

  So ah~ It’s really bad to paint without lipstick!!

  Today, let’s talk about how to paint lip makeup.

  The most beautiful lipstick painting of different lips,

  Let your face open in minutes!

  First, let's look at the name and standard ratio of the lower lip.

  The lip part is the upper and lower lip, the two parts of the upper lip are called the lip peak, and the position of the middle depression is called the valley of the lip.

  One-half of the upper lip is called the lip. The part of the lips that opens and closes is called the mouth crack, and the sides are called the lips.

  The most prominent part of the lower lip is called the base of the lips.

  Viewed from the side, the most prominent part of the upper and lower lips is called the lip nodule. There is one in the upper lip and the other in the lower lip.

  The focus is on ~

  First come a lip classification chart

  1 Apply some ointment to your lips to lock in moisture. Spread the ointment and leave on your lips for at least 5 minutes.

  2 Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently move over the edges of the lips to remove keratin. This action will move the blood to the lips, which will make your lips more plump. It's important to remember that your lips are very sensitive and don't be too hard.

  3 basic action: the bottom of the lip. The lip base of most brands is its concealer. With a primer, the color of the lipstick will be more beautiful.

  4 A little fluorescence on the center of the upper lip. The upper lip is also known as the "bun of the cupid", a little bit is enough. It will make your upper lip rich in mysterious luster, the goddess is doing this~

  5 Start to hit the lip line. 1~2, the color of the lip line is deeper than the lipstick. The lip line hits the corner of the mouth, goes down a little, and blends with your natural lip line.

  6 If you don't want to wear a lip line, draw a fork in the center of the upper lip~ Highlight the "Cupid's Bow" so that you can do more with less.

  7 Carefully spread the area between the lip line and the natural lip line. Be sure to do well, the lips will be more natural and beautiful~

  8 Don't worry, hit the lip line again on the edge of your lips. This step is a icing on the cake, making your lips more layered. This way your lips have three natural transition colors!

  9 Next, deal with the lower lip. Treat with a concealer brush and apply some dark lip gloss powder. It is equal to adding an extra natural shadow to the lower lip, and the stereoscopic effect is up!

  10 Upper lip balm, ready to be magic!

  11 Give the lips a loose complexion and it will become different immediately. This will also prevent the lipstick from being stained with strange things~

  12 Remove the extra things. Carefully treated to make the lip gloss edge more natural and comfortable

  13 Gently stick your lips with a tissue or handkerchief. This will not leave a smashing lipstick on everywhere. Don't rub it hard, otherwise you will overthrow it...