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The soul of the eye makeup, the hottest topic eyeliner is here!
Source:Shanghai Ayara | Time:2018-07-11

  The Chinese Film New Power Forum has been floating in the hot spots for several days because of various topics. There is still a question that has been heated up for a long time in the Eight Diagrams World. Is Luhan painting eyeliner?

  Until someone took out the close-up of the deer's day, the real hammer proved that Luhan did not draw the eyeliner! He is really born with beauty, and the eyelashes are thick and long, with eyeliner.

  Beauty is destined, you can decide on the eye makeup! The key to eye makeup is the eyeliner. As long as you draw this pen, you can instantly enlarge your eyes, make your eyes become gods, and instantly become shiny eyes!

  missTaste Eyeliner is a newly developed waterproof and oil-resistant anti-smudge eyeliner, even in the hot summer of nearly 40 degrees, it will not smudge a full-featured eyeliner.

  The basic models are divided into black, brown and dark brown. This eyeliner is mainly anti-corrosive, while maintaining eye skin, easy to remove makeup.

  As long as you add it in the gap of the eyelashes, you can draw an eye makeup without eyeliner. This eyeliner has two kinds of soft heads and hard cotton heads, and the hand-disabled party can also easily control.

  Don't be afraid of hand-carrying girls, just choose the right eyeliner, whether it is a swollen eye or a single eyelid, it is not so difficult to draw the eyeliner! The missTaste eyeliner definitely makes you amazing!

  There are often a lot of "ingenuity" in Japan, and missTaste is definitely worthy of the name of China's "most beautiful craftsman eyeliner". It really starts with the value of Yan, and finally the good quality!